Grow Your Business & Simplify Processes in the New Commerce Experience

The marketplace has changed forever, and the tech marketespecially the cloud-based solution and serviceis constantly evolving, forcing businesses to take new routes to adapt to these changes. As businesses, our resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) want to remain competitive while capitalizing on what the cloud offers them and accelerating their growth. To smoothly transit into the digital field, they must implement efficient software and migrate their operations, systems, and client databases to a cloud that provides flexibility and a variety of adaptable choices without wasting resources. For that, Microsoft has been shifting and improving its products and programs, and one of them is its cloud service.

Dive into the New Commerce Experience

In 2019, Microsoft launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for Azure as a seat-based offer in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), a long-term investment, and a new way resellers and MSPs can transact with Microsoft. This program intends to:

  • Simplify the licensing process
  • Reduce long-term costs
  • Offer pricing protection to resellers & MSPs
  • Improve and streamline the customer’s purchase and management of Microsoft products

Microsoft has expanded NCE to include Power Platform, Windows 365, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365. These products will be available for purchase in the new commerce experience starting in January 2022.

Our resellers & MSPs will get the best benefits

MSPs and resellers will be able to manage their clients’ subscriptions consistently and safely in one cloud. Through efficient integration, NCE promises adaptability of existing and new products, availability of add-ons as external services, and updated APIs for easy-flowing communication between applications and networks. The new commerce platform helps resellers and MSP increase their sales in a more simplified way and build their client database through value-added services to grow and connect effectively. Besides, it minimizes the risk of having customers that don’t commit to a long-term subscription or can’t benefit from a monthly agreement. With this program, revenue forecasts will be more accurate, alleviating the impact of long-term subscription revocations. As a Microsoft indirect provider & distributor, we at BPS want to ensure the best cloud solutions for our MSPs and resellers, offering them smoother purchase and licensing processes that save them time and money in the long term and position them for future growth.

What terms you should consider

To help our resellers migrate their Microsoft licenses from the CSP and other programs to NCE, we are ready to guide them and offer new advantages and promotions that this migration and integration will bring with it.  Our NCE launch will be on January 11th, 2022. Be an early bird to benefit from all the amenities this new program will offer because starting March 2022, its products and service prices will go up. Additionally, the yearly plan will have a competitive pricing.  It’s your turn now. Migrate to the new commerce platform and expand your systems across the market as a leading company or provider to your customers. With NCE, purchasing, managing, and connecting Microsoft platforms has never been easier.

This is your opportunity to migrate your subscriptions to the cloud with less time and resource wastage. Contact us by filling out this form, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your process.

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