Microsoft SPLA program

Service Provider’s first step to expand your cloud offering

Assist your clients to host their software services and applications within your data centers & manage their workload

Build multi-tenant cloud solutions / application and offer it to your end-customer

Challenges of your end-customers migration to cloud


Changing of the core functionality and engines of existing software services and applications to support cloud


Restructuring of existing licensing agreements and the need for additional licensing investment


Compliance with requirements for geographical proximity of the data (security requirements, latency issues)

Cloud solutions via Microsoft SPLA

Microsoft services provider license agreement – SPLA is a program created for telecom operators, internet service providers, data center operators, independent software vendors, application service providers and managed services providers.


Secure your recurring business with your clients and have their software services and apps running on your infrastructure via Microsoft SPLA

SPLA license pricing is designed to fit hosters, operators & managed services partner needs: The license fee is paid monthly and as an operating expense, rather than a capital expenditure

Potential applications include but are not limited to: Hosted Applications (such as Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server), Asset Management Solution, Hospital Medical Records, CRM & ERP (Dynamics CRM, NAV, AX, SL), Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), dedicated managed and un-managed servers

Increase your revenue by selling more services on top of Microsoft SPLA

Comply with security requirements and improve latency with geographical proximity

Why BPS?

Proven Track Record

of complex SPLA deployments for major partners and data centers in the Middle East, Levant & North Africa.

Dedicated Advisory

dedicated cloud technical, business development advisory & training for partners.

Sales & Marketing

custom-built sales and marketing enablement program for planning, promoting, selling, execution assistance, and support.

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    Microsoft SPLA partners have the following benefits to offer to their customers
    • Deliver a customized service.
    • Flexibility to deliver tailored IT services to your customers through a dedicated or shared hosting environment. Increase the value of your services by managing software use rights for your customers.
    • Pay as you go with no up-front costs.
    • Pay only for the products that you made available to your customers to use the previous month.
    • No start-up costs, monthly sales requirements, or long-term commitments.
    • Access the most current product versions: give your customers the most current and capable Microsoft platform.
    • Download your products through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) instead of ordering physical media.
    • Prior version rights to support a seamless transition for developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to move to the SPLA and have a hosted business model.
    • Outsource data center services.
    • Install Microsoft products on servers under the day-to-day management and control of an outsourcing company. That company can then perform data center administration, testing, and maintenance support services on your behalf.
    • Offer demonstrations and evaluations: you can have up to 50 active user IDs for service/product demos and give your customers a free 60-day trial period.
    • Include your affiliates under a single agreement.
    • Install at customer facilities. Install Microsoft products on devices you own or lease and that are located on your customer’s premises.
    • Expand your reach to academic institutions via amendment. Expand your business with specific price offerings available to your academic customers through the SPLA.
    • License Mobility capability: capability for your customers to move their licenses from on premise licenses to hosted in your datacenter via amendment (based on the terms and conditions of the vendor)
    • Expand your offering to Microsoft Dynamics ERP Products via SPLA Addendum
    • Desktop/Tablet/ Laptop with Software Rental capability via amendment


    • Microsoft terms and conditions are based on the latest agreement version
    • For more details and to review the terms and conditions of the agreement.

    Please request to review Microsoft agreement by emailing [email protected]


    This section describes the requirements your organization must meet for the SPLA
    • Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Network. You must be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).
    • Sign a Microsoft Business and Services Agreement:
        1. Service providers that have an existing MBSA through another Volume Licensing Agreement (Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement [EAS], Select Plus, or ISV Royalty Licensing) should work with their Microsoft account manager and/or reseller to provide their MBSA number and link the MBSA to their SPLA.
        2. Service providers without an existing MBSA are required to sign one the next time they sign an SPLA.
    • Comply with the Services Provider Use Rights (SPUR). The SPUR specifies use rights and conditions that apply to a customer’s use of the products licensed under the SPLA. Microsoft can revise the SPUR at any time.
    • Provide monthly reporting on software licenses. Submit a monthly use report of at least US$100 to your SPLA reseller. You must also report on all licenses that you made available to your customers for your affiliates and software services resellers.
    • Submit a monthly invoice payment. The SPLA reseller invoices you monthly based on the number of licenses reported in your monthly use report. You are responsible for submitting your payment to the SPLA reseller by the agreed date.
    • Abide by copyright guidelines, the use of trademarks, and antipiracy obligations. Service providers who sign the SPLA must abide by the requirements for preventing the piracy of Microsoft licensed products and must comply with trademark and logo use requirements and pass-through copyright and similar notices. You must include Microsoft’s copyright notice on any documentation, including online, for your products and services that include Microsoft Products. Affiliates must also follow these requirements.
    • Provide technical support. You are responsible for providing technical product support for the Microsoft Products you deliver to your customers.
    • Agree to participate in Microsoft SPLA audits. Microsoft and/or its designees can review your records and facilities (including the data centers) to verify compliance and conduct on-location audits if needed.
    • Comply with the export requirements. You need to comply with all applicable export laws, and it is recommended that you obtain legal advice regarding the export laws applicable to your business.
    • Fill in a Business Plan stating the planned cloud offering for the coming year.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does pricing work for SPLA?

    Licensing for SPLA remains the same month-to-month. Any price changes for SPLA will occur in January except for changes due to foreign exchange rates.

    What is the difference between SPLA and other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs?

    Microsoft Volume Licensing programs offer several licensing options for end-customers to acquire Microsoft software licenses for internal use. Hosting service providers who want to offer software services to their customers (or managed services) and who will include software licenses as part of their service offering should use SPLA. Microsoft SPLA is the only Microsoft Volume Licensing program that allows Microsoft products to be used for commercial hosting.

    Do I need a Distributor to sign up for SPLA?

    SPLA Reseller/Distributor (currently called CSR) facilitate SPLA Agreements, monthly reporting, and many other operational functions, and help you in your go to market. Your cloud distributor BPS is at your disposal 🙂 in all the middle east and north Africa to onboard you in this must-have service provider program .

    How do I know I am eligible for SPLA?

    To be eligible for SPLA, you should be enrolled in the Microsoft Partner Network.