Corporate Profile

BPS is a pure play service provider channel cloud distributor. We offer multi-vendor cloud licensing solutions, Software Asset Management services, partner technical advisory/services & cloud partner business development. Our focus is on the channel partners including service providers such as Datacenters, Teleco’s, ISP’s, System Integrators, Managed Services, Software Vendors & IT resellers.

Started in 2005, BPS has many years of local experience in the cloud channel business and is now a leader in the Middle East & North Africa region. We pioneered the channel cloud business in our region and grew along with the middle eastern service providers while addressing with them the basics of this business and reached now a complete mature cloud offering.

BPS supports its service providers with a channel partner program that provides a value add in enabling & accelerating the adoption of the cloud. The program works on advising partner team in product selection, licensing, go to market, cloud projects bidding  & platform development (SaaS and IaaS). We have also a sales & marketing enablement program that covers training, cloud transformation & planning to execution assistance.  We also work with our service providers in implementing their cloud platform for higher performance & flexibility & supporting their solutions with a multi-vendor escalation service.

Core Values & Growth Strategies

We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients, channel partners, suppliers and co-workers based on added-value service and trust. We listen to every peculiar need and assess in order to propose the right solutions. Our strength resides in our capacity to execute and deliver with our robust quality service. Our team of agile and qualified experts constitutes the basis of our operations and we set out to constantly heighten their knowledge in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and industry practices. Our values are at the core of all what we do, we take them seriously and they define the baseline our work. We believe in agility while delivering IT services and solutions. We deliver our values in every project we work on and with every customer & partner we work with.


Transparent communication

We clearly communicate intentions & expectations to customers, suppliers and co-workers while delivering our work & solving problems

Devoted service

We understand & meet customers’ needs with patience, addressing any issue with great diligence, professionalism, attention & on time

Robust quality

We execute work with the highest quality and maintain a challenging environment to promote prominent and superior robust results

Proactive people

We provide an active and stimulating workplace, build a respectful, conscientious and trustworthy team, and continuously maintain a “winning together” attitude

Agile performance

We deliver results quickly, efficiently, taking into account cost sensitivity, perform work with uncompromising ethics

Innovative culture

We preserve an innovative, entrepreneurial, ingenious and challenging environment with an objective to grow our and customer business

Our growth strategies are manifold and consist of


A focus on what we do best

We offer products, advice, services & solutions within our main competencies and to the segments we add value to

Developing valuable partnerships

We cooperate with leading suppliers within a clear scope that fits the company’s objectives

Developing a winning team

We continually train and develop our team of experts in order to reach a level of excellence in our area of expertise

Working with customers as partners

We build customer loyalty, working closely with them to develop timely, effective solutions

Service Provider Locations

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates  – Kuwait – Qatar – Bahrain  – Oman – Pakistan – Morocco – Tunisia – Algeria – Libya – Egypt – Lebanon – Iraq – Jordan