Why Microsoft Azure in CSP?

CSP enables you to bill Microsoft Azure on a per real monthly usage. That means you are empowered to manage sales and managed services of the SAAS infrastructure – similar if you have your own infrastructure. In addition, CSP provides a full set of tools including a self-service portal to easily manage your IAAS and SAAS.

Microsoft Azure’s unique features rely on large-scale virtualization at Microsoft data centers worldwide while offering up to 600 different services. It consists of a growing collection of integrated cloud services and offers a powerful platform that can be the perfect match for businesses. This is essential in the modern workplace environment, as cloud services are now an integral part of the seamless work experience.

Offer a complete end-to-end customer management

Since you are managing your customers, then you will be the center of the relationship of your IAAS and SAAS solution. You will be able to build stronger relationships with your customers by managing their full end-to-end experience.

Grow Faster by adding Microsoft Azure to your portfolio

Sales – Bundle services with unique solutions or resell Azure while controlling the pricing, terms and billing
Value-added services – Leverage your managed services solutions and your applications in addition to Azure services
Provisioning – Directly provision customers from your Azure infrastructure through the Azure portal
Pay-as-you-go billing model
Management – Manage all of your customers’ subscriptions across services

Why BPS?

Innovative end-to-end Platform

Optimize your cloud offering and get an innovative end-to-end Platform that can track and manage all your customer’s transactions

Dedicated Advisory

Get end-to-end marketing and sales support, project planning, and technical guidance

Sales & Marketing

Enjoy fluid scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing as you build your CSP/MSP business on strategic grounds

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