Why Microsoft Azure?

The Azure cloud platform consists of over 200 products and cloud services that are designed to assist you in bringing new solutions to life—to solve your challenges and to create the future.

With Microsoft Azure you can build, run, and manage applications using your preferred tools and frameworks across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge.

With a highly secure cloud foundation managed by Microsoft, you can cut costs and complexity. To identify and protect against rapidly evolving threats, use Azure’s multilayered, built-in security controls and unique threat intelligence.

By innovating with Azure Solutions, you can address your organization’s business challenges today and prepare for the future.

Get a complete digital transformation journey

We will assist you in your digital transformation journey, in becoming more agile and adapting to new technologies. Our expertise includes moving infrastructure and software as a service to the public cloud.

Maximize Your Azure Experience with BPS’s Expert Cloud Management Services 

Welcome to BPS’s premier cloud management solutions, designed to elevate your Azure operations to new heights. As an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), we offer a range of value-added services to ensure your cloud environment is not only secure and compliant but also optimized for performance and efficiency. 

Explore our Cloud Management Baseline and Enhanced Management Baseline solutions to find out how we can help you achieve operational excellence and unlock the full potential of your Azure investment. 

Why Choose BPS for Your Azure Cloud Management? 

At BPS, we understand that effective cloud management is crucial for your business’s success. Our comprehensive approach encompasses inventory and visibility, operational compliance, and protect & recover strategies to ensure your Azure environment is secure, reliable, and efficient. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your existing setup, we have the expertise and tools to support your goals. 

Our Proven Cloud Management Framework 

Our Cloud Management Baseline provides a solid foundation for managing your Azure environment. This baseline focuses on three core disciplines to ensure you meet industry standards and best practices: 


Inventory and Visibility

To Achieve complete transparency and proactive management with these services using the below:  
  • Monitor Health of Azure Services
  • Log Centralization
  • Subscription Monitoring
  • Guest OS Monitoring

Operational Compliance

To Maintain top-tier security and compliance with these essential services:
  • Patch Management
  • Policy Enforcement

Protect & Recover

Safeguard your data and environment with these robust solutions 

  • Protect Data 
  • Protect the environment  

Enhanced Management Baseline

Take your Azure management to the next level with our Enhanced Management Baseline, which builds on the Cloud Management Baseline to offer advanced services for an optimized cloud experience. 


Inventory and Visibility

To Enhance your visibility and data management with these advanced tools: 

  • Service Change Tracking 
  • Visualize Data
  • IT Service Management  

Operational Compliance

Automate and strengthen your compliance processes with these tools 

  • Operations Automation
  • Zero Trust Framework 
  • Performance Automation  

Protect & Recover

Strengthen your security and recovery capabilities with these services 

  • Breach Notification 
  • Threat Hunting   

Disclaimer: BPS is not responsible for supporting mission-critical workloads.

We are your single provider starting from your endpoint to your cloud & business Applications.

Get Cyber Defense service, to protect your infrastructure against malware and cybersecurity threats
Build and deploy a consistent app experience across hybrid multi-cloud
Integrate and manage your environment with tools and services designed for hybrid cloud

Why BPS?

Innovative end-to-end Platform

Optimize your cloud offering and get an innovative end-to-end Platform that can track and manage your organization transactions

Dedicated Advisory

Get end-to-end dedicated advisory to proactively identify your organization’s opportunities or problems before they occur and then strategize to develop the right roadmap for achieving success


Provide your organization with an experienced and dedicated support team with good knowledge of your software application

* BPS is not responsible for supporting mission-critical workloads

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