Data Privacy Basic Overview

Data privacy is one of the most overheard terms in light of the constant technological and digital advancements. But what does it really mean?

First, let’s define data, data security, and data privacy. Data is mainly facts, statistics, and information stored for analysis or reference. Data security is the act of protecting the collected data from fraud, theft, unsanctioned access, or disclosure of information whether intentional or not. Lastly, Data privacy is one’s right to have control over how their data is used, collected, managed, and protected, how it’s analyzed and process, and how businesses control the collected personal data and what policies do they use to protect it.

Now that we’ve established the difference between Data, Data security, and Data privacy, it is important to discuss the 3 principles of Data privacy and why data privacy is important

The whole process of data privacy is based on 3 principles:

  • Transparency: It is important that the individual is aware that his/her data is being collected and processed in addition to knowing what measures are being taken to protect their collected data.
  • Legitimate purpose: the purpose behind data collection and analysis should be the same as the one declared and specified to the data subjects (individuals whose data was collected) in addition to being ethical and legal
  • Proportionality:  the process of analyzing data should be in line with declared and specified reason in addition to it being adequate, relevant, and essential to the specified and declared reason of data collection.

With all the advancements in the digital field, data has become an invaluable asset for businesses, which is why all businesses should make sure that their collected data is highly protected and secured taking into consideration the high chances of unintentionally violating individuals’ data privacy.

Grow Your Business & Simplify Processes in the New Commerce Experience

The marketplace has changed forever, and the tech marketespecially the cloud-based solution and serviceis constantly evolving, forcing businesses to take new routes to adapt to these changes. As businesses, our resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) want to remain competitive while capitalizing on what the cloud offers them and accelerating their growth. To smoothly transit into the digital field, they must implement efficient software and migrate their operations, systems, and client databases to a cloud that provides flexibility and a variety of adaptable choices without wasting resources. For that, Microsoft has been shifting and improving its products and programs, and one of them is its cloud service.

Dive into the New Commerce Experience

In 2019, Microsoft launched the New Commerce Experience (NCE) for Azure as a seat-based offer in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), a long-term investment, and a new way resellers and MSPs can transact with Microsoft. This program intends to:

  • Simplify the licensing process
  • Reduce long-term costs
  • Offer pricing protection to resellers & MSPs
  • Improve and streamline the customer’s purchase and management of Microsoft products

Microsoft has expanded NCE to include Power Platform, Windows 365, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365. These products will be available for purchase in the new commerce experience starting in January 2022.

Our resellers & MSPs will get the best benefits

MSPs and resellers will be able to manage their clients’ subscriptions consistently and safely in one cloud. Through efficient integration, NCE promises adaptability of existing and new products, availability of add-ons as external services, and updated APIs for easy-flowing communication between applications and networks. The new commerce platform helps resellers and MSP increase their sales in a more simplified way and build their client database through value-added services to grow and connect effectively. Besides, it minimizes the risk of having customers that don’t commit to a long-term subscription or can’t benefit from a monthly agreement. With this program, revenue forecasts will be more accurate, alleviating the impact of long-term subscription revocations. As a Microsoft indirect provider & distributor, we at BPS want to ensure the best cloud solutions for our MSPs and resellers, offering them smoother purchase and licensing processes that save them time and money in the long term and position them for future growth.

What terms you should consider

To help our resellers migrate their Microsoft licenses from the CSP and other programs to NCE, we are ready to guide them and offer new advantages and promotions that this migration and integration will bring with it.  Our NCE launch will be on January 11th, 2022. Be an early bird to benefit from all the amenities this new program will offer because starting March 2022, its products and service prices will go up. Additionally, the yearly plan will have a competitive pricing.  It’s your turn now. Migrate to the new commerce platform and expand your systems across the market as a leading company or provider to your customers. With NCE, purchasing, managing, and connecting Microsoft platforms has never been easier.

This is your opportunity to migrate your subscriptions to the cloud with less time and resource wastage. Contact us by filling out this form, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your process.

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    New pricing for Microsoft 365

    Microsoft is announcing changes to the commercial pricing for Microsoft 365—the first substantive pricing update since they’ve launched Office 365 a decade ago.

    This updated pricing reflects the increased value Microsoft has delivered to its customers over the past 10 years.

    Take a look at some of the innovations they’ve delivered over the past decade in three key areas—communications and collaboration, security and compliance, and AI and automation—as well as the addition of audio conferencing capabilities that they’re announcing today.

    A decade of continuous innovation

    Since introducing Microsoft 365 they have added 24 apps1 to the suites—Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Stream, Planner, Visio, OneDrive, Yammer, and Whiteboard—and have released over 1,400 new features and capabilities in three key areas.

      →  Communication and collaboration. 

    In 2020 Microsoft released over 300 new capabilities including Together mode, background effects, large gallery view, raise a hand, live reactions, breakout rooms, live captions with speaker attribution, and Fluid components, just to name a few.

    • They introduced a new category of collaborative applications in Teams, empowering people and organizations for hybrid work through deep integrations with Power Platform, Whiteboard, Lists, Planner, Shifts, Forms, and SharePoint. Companies like Adobe, Atlassian, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, and Workday have built apps that deeply integrate with Teams, bringing business processes and functions directly into the flow of work.
    • They continue to innovate on both real-time and asynchronous collaboration.
    • They introduced real-time collaboration in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint desktop apps while a growing set of capabilities like @mentions, assign tasks, modern comments, and auto-save have streamlined the collaboration experience.
    • They’ve added and expanded OneDrive cloud storage and the Exchange Online mailboxes.

      →  Security and compliance.

    • The cybersecurity landscape is more complex than ever. With the accelerating volume, sophistication, and scale of cyberattacks, security and compliance are a priority for every organization. Since they first introduced Microsoft 365, they have added new attack surface reduction capabilities to help organizations defend against ransomware and other threats.
    • They have added capabilities like data loss prevention (DLP) for email and documents, sensitivity labels, and message encryption to help keep important data within the organization.
    • They have added powerful compliance capabilities that help organizations reduce risk and respond to increasing regulatory requirements such as Content Search, eDiscovery, and core Litigation Hold. Built-in mobile device management (MDM) and other management tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager help admins support remote and hybrid workforces.

      →  AI and automation.

    • Over the past decade, they have infused AI capabilities across our productivity and collaboration applications to help everyone achieve more.
    • Across Microsoft 365, they have introduced AI-powered innovations to help users be better writers, designers, and presenters.
    • Cloud-powered AI now automatically creates maps, charts, and tables in Excel, and sorts email and removes clutter in Outlook. And AI-powered real-time translation, captions, and transcription make collaboration and communication more accessible and engaging for everyone.

    Extending audio conferencing capabilities

    • Microsoft is announcing that they will add unlimited dial-in capabilities for Microsoft Teams meetings across our enterprise, business, frontline, and government suites over the next few months. Even as cloud connectivity increases, they know that people join Teams meetings while they are on the go or struggling with a bad internet connection.
    • Currently included with Microsoft 365 E5 and Office 365 E5, they have come to see dial-in as an important part of the complete Teams experience.
    • Available with subscriptions in over 70 countries and with interactive support in 44 languages and dialects, unlimited dial-in provides peace of mind that users will be able to join their Microsoft Teams meeting from virtually any device regardless of location.

    New pricing

    • The pricing changes Microsoft is announcing today will go into effect in six months.
    • On March 1, 2022, they will update our list pricing for the following commercial products: Microsoft 365 Business Basic (from $5 to $6 per user), Microsoft 365 Business Premium (from $20 to $22), Office 365 E1 (from $8 to $10), Office 365 E3 (from $20 to $23), Office 365 E5 (from $35 to $38), and Microsoft 365 E3 (from $32 to $36).
    • These increases will apply globally with local market adjustments for certain regions.
    • There are no changes to pricing for education and consumer products at this time.
    • As leaders around the world look to empower their people for a more flexible, hybrid world of work, it’s clear that every organization will need a new operating model across people, places, and processes. Microsoft is committed to building on the value they’ve delivered over the past decade to continuously provide innovation that helps our customers succeed and thrive today and well into the future.


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    Confidence to move forward with genuine Windows and Office

    Non-genuine software is a cybersecurity risk

    Software piracy is a widespread global problem. Cybercriminals are exploiting non-genuine
    software to spread malware, and users are exposing themselves to multiple security risks.​

    The reach and risk of counterfeit goods

    Easy Mistakes

    39% of inadvertent purchases of counterfeit goods were bought through legitimate online third-party marketplaces.

    Pervasive Supply

    Half a trillion US dollars’ worth of imports across the world are counterfeit products.

    Increased Malware

    20% more malware was found on machines when users doubled their time on piracy sites.

    The confidence to move forward

    Microsoft genuine software provides the security, updates, and support you need. Get the best experience, build trust, and avoid risk—buy Microsoft genuine software.

    Risks of non-genuine software

    Think twice before your next purchase.

    Non-genuine software may come with viruses and would lack the security measures needed to detect them.
    You may be opening your home or business to serious threats from hackers and malware without knowing it.​


    Malware can contain ransomware, which may block access to data or user accounts unless a ransom is paid.

    Reputation and material damage

    Hackers can destroy your business data and other valuable information. These security breaches may harm your image and erode customer trust.

    • Identity theft

    Your personal and financial data may be compromised, which may result in financial damage. It could even be used for criminal activities.

    • Stolen credit card or bank details

    Hackers can clone your credit card and access your bank accounts, resulting in financial loss for you or your business.

    • Business disruption

    A data breach can bring your entire business operation to a halt and harm your website, CRM, and accounting systems.

    • Data loss

    You could lose important personal files and business data, like customer and accounting information.

    How do I know I’m using genuine software?

    Make sure it’s licensed.

    Before purchasing a new PC, make sure genuine Windows is pre-installed on the device.

    All Windows PCs must have a license, which allows you to upgrade your version through volume licensing.

    Volume licensing agreements only cover Windows software upgrades. Only PCs are bundled with a full base license (OEM/GGWA/FPP/ESD).

    Consumer versions of Windows are NOT eligible for volume licensing upgrades to Windows Professional.

    Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is the legalization solution for corporate users who want to legitimize Windows Professional licenses on existing devices. For all new devices, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) base licenses are required.

    [White paper] The Handbook for Cross-Tenant Microsoft Teams Migrations

    Microsoft Teams is quickly gaining users amid the ongoing shift to Microsoft 365. As the adoption continues to grow, Teams has become an important workload to factor into your migration plan.

    In this white paper, you’ll learn:

    • Top considerations when preparing to migrate Teams to a new Microsoft 365 tenant.
    • What is migrated and what is not.
    • Important tips for configuring Teams migration projects.

    Download the white paper to power your next Teams migration.

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