Turn the Rising Ransomware Threat into Revenue

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February 11, 2021

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The ransomware threat is complex for MSPs


only 31% of MSPs


are very confident they can secure their clients against future ransomware attacks

4 out of 5 MSPs


confronted a customer-facing ransomware attack in the last year


24% of SMBs


have already changed MSPs in the aftermath of a cyberattack



Stop ransomware with AI-based protection


Acronis Active Protection is the backup industry’s most advanced anti-ransomware technology, enabling you to instantly reduce your – and your customers’ – exposure to ransomware. Plus, you don’t have to install anything on top of your backup agents as it’s already integrated into Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud.


Ransomware detection and disarming

A set of ML-based techniques find and stop ransomware. The models used are trained continuously in the Acronis Cloud AI infrastructure.


Protection of backups and Acronis software

Self-defense mechanisms prevent backup-file modification, plus disruption of Acronis software processes.


Automatic file restore from cache

Any encrypted files are automatically restored from cache should ransomware manage to get through the defense.



A cyber protection platform built for MSPs

Acronis offers much more for service providers than just advanced ransomware protection capabilities. Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud is a part of Acronis Cyber Cloud, a multi-service cyber protection platform that’s built specifically for service providers. It’s your Swiss Army knife for easy, efficient, and secure delivery of cyber protection services.

An integrated suite of services

Deliver secure backup, disaster recovery, malware and ransomware protection, secure file sync-and-share, and file notarization.


A service provider platform

Ensure superior efficiency with unified service provisioning, accounts management, monitoring, integrations and white-labeling.


Complete cyber protection

Go beyond backup and recovery – ensure complete data safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security.


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