Azure Site Recovery

Azure Site recovery replicates, fails over, and recovers workloads, so that they remain available and accessible when failure occurs without investing in additional infrastructure.

It is a near-constant data replication process that makes sure copies are in sync across the primary and DR sites.

Simple and affordable DR planning and implementation while ensuring business continuity and keeping business apps / workloads running during outages.

As a disaster recovery platform, ASR offers support for multiple scenarios:

  • Replication of physical servers from on-premises and third-party service providers to Azure
  • Windows and Linux VMs hosted in VMware and Hyper-V to Azure
  • Windows VMs hosted in AWS to Azure

After the primary location is running again, the customer can fail back to it.

Target Customers

Customers having high operational costs for the DR site including hardware & network bandwidth along with management and administration burden

Customers with business-critical production environments that cannot handle any downtime and require the recovery of business services in an orchestrated manner in case of service disruption or accidental deletion or corruption of data

Customers facing difficulty managing complex environments while meeting RPO and RTO standards

Customer looking for DR solution that:

  • is application-aware replication for Microsoft server applications such as Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Dynamics AX
  • integrates with Active Directory and several third-party vendors to provide support for common business applications, including VMware, SAP, Oracle, Red Hat
  • integrates with native application BCDR features such as SQL Always-On and Oracle Data Guard

Customer looking for a simple to architect, cloud-native, highly available, and resilient solution for DR

Customers having compliance issues and are willing to obtain ISO 27001

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