Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a comprehensive security management solution designed to protect your cloud workloads and hybrid environments. It provides unified security management and advanced threat protection across your Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments. Defender for Cloud helps you to secure your resources, improve your security posture, and protect against evolving cyber threats with its robust set of features.


Continuous Assessment:

Continuously assess your security posture across your workloads and provide actionable insights to enhance security.


Advanced Threat Protection:

Detect and respond to threats with built-in threat intelligence and analytics.


Security Recommendations:

Receive tailored security recommendations based on industry best practices.


Compliance Management:

Simplify compliance with built-in policies and regulatory compliance standards.


Vulnerability Management:

Identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your applications and workloads.


Integrated Security:

Seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft security solutions to provide a unified security management experience.


Automated Security:

Automate security tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention.


Multi-Cloud Support:

Extend security management to AWS and Google Cloud workloads.


Incident Response:

Quickly investigate and respond to security incidents with detailed alerts and reports.

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