Confidence to move forward with genuine Windows and Office

Non-genuine software is a cybersecurity risk Software piracy is a widespread global problem. Cybercriminals are exploiting non-genuinesoftware to spread malware, and users are exposing themselves to multiple security risks.​ The reach and risk of counterfeit goods Easy Mistakes 39% of inadvertent purchases of counterfeit goods were bought through legitimate online third-party marketplaces. Pervasive Supply Half […]

7 Sep 2021

How service providers will guide the new approach to cyber protection with Acronis

This year’s Cyber Protection Week Global Report shows that organizations around the world are still grappling with the changes sparked by COVID and the modern cyberthreat landscape. Businesses are acutely aware of the challenges facing them – from data privacy regulations to remote worker support to data theft, malware, phishing attacks and more – but their strategies […]

12 Apr 2021

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