It is Time to Get Serious About Data Privacy! Add Microsoft Security to your Office 365 Subscriptions

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January 26, 2021

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Microsoft provides a holistic approach to security, helping you to protect identities, data, applications, and devices across on-premises, cloud, and mobile.

Foundational to the security of every computer system are the following:

  • Threat protection using Microsoft Defender for Office 365 which safeguards your organization against malicious threats posed by email messages, links (URLs), and collaboration tools.

There are two available plans, the following table summarizes what’s included in each plan.

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1- $2.00/user/month Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 2-


Configuration, protection, and detection capabilities:
Safe Attachments
Safe Links
ATP for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams
Anti-phishing in Defender for Office 365 protection
Real-time detections
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Plan 1 capabilities+
Automation, investigation, remediation, and education capabilities:
Threat Trackers
Threat Explorer
Automated investigation and response
Attack Simulator
Campaign Views

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  • Information protection and Identity and access management using Office 365 Data Loss Prevention and Exchange Online Archiving
  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention – $3.00/user/month

That helps your organization:

  • identify sensitive information across many locations, such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Prevent the accidental sharing of sensitive information.
  • Monitor and protect sensitive information in the desktop versions of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Help users learn how to stay compliant without interrupting their workflow.
  • View DLP alerts and reports showing content that matches your organization’s DLP policies.

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  • Exchange Online Archiving – $3.00/user/month

That assists your organization with your archiving, compliance, regulatory, and eDiscovery challenges while simplifying on-premises infrastructure, and thereby reducing costs and easing IT burdens.

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