HSP hosted IAAS Solutions

Hosting and management of on-premise or Cloud hosted IAAS Solutions now made easier using the SPLA Program

Partners can offer hosted Virtual Machines / Database-as-a-Service or hosted Datacenter Management solutions easily by leveraging the benefits of the Microsoft SPLA Program which provide a viable solution and give them the option to deploy on their datacenter or their Customer’s datacenter.

Sell the Solution that everyone needs

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is what every company needs nowadays. And a hosted Windows Server / Microsoft SQL Server and System Center represent the universal management system for building those solutions. BPS now enables you to provide this solution to your clients and enable them to:

  • Deliver cutting edge performance under all conditions and workloads
  • Offer business continuity by managing the servers and data of your clients
  • Easily scale usage and resources to save cost and enhance end-user experience
  • Leverage versatile features to manage and develop solutions for multitenant environments

Why BPS?

As a BPS CSR Distributor, you receive the marketing and technical support, product selection advice, licensing guidance, and project pricing suggestions that make it easier for you to earn more revenues and higher margins faster.
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