IBM Cloud

This is not just any cloud. This is the IBM Cloud.

Built for all your applications. AI ready. Secure to the core.

IBM Cloud Snapshot


  • Public Cloud
  • Dedicated Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid


  • Nearly 60 globally distributed data centers


  • Over 130+ services
  • Complete and integrated set of data and cognitive services
  • Cloud Foundry certified
  • OpenStack
  • Cloud Functions

Why IBM Cloud?

With $17B in annual cloud revenue, IBM is the global leader in enterprise cloud with a platform designed to meet the evolving needs of business and society. Moving past productivity and cost improvements, the IBM Cloud is tuned for the AI and data demands that are driving true differentiation in today’s enterprise.


From virtual servers to serverless resources. IBM Cloud compute services flexibly drives the end user experiences that you and your customers want.

The following products are offered for your compute environment.

  • Cloud Virtual Servers: Public, dedicated and transient virtual servers allow you to provision and scale on demand, meeting your workload requirements.
  • Bare Metal Servers: IBM Cloud Bare metal servers provide power for processor- and disk I/O-intensive workloads. Configure the hardware to exact specifications via our portal or API and deploy in real time.
  • Mass Storage Servers: You know your mission-critical storage needs better than anyone else. IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers hand over total design and customization control directly to you. Manage your own mass storage device with the OS of your choice or deploy a turnkey appliance.
  • SAP-Certified Servers: IBM bare metal servers are certified by SAP for production SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver workloads. Now you can run and manage your own SAP workloads in the cloud with the same power, control and flexibility you’re used to experiencing in your on-premises data center.
  • Container Registry: Detect vulnerabilities while you have isolated networking and storage. Store and distribute Docker images in a managed private registry.
  • Kubernetes Service: As a certified K8s provider, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling, service discovery and load balancing, automated rollouts and rollbacks, and secret and configuration management.

IBM Cloud offers networking solutions for the real world – exclusively designed to enhance your traffic, satisfy your users and protect your sanity. Use these products to optimize your move to the IBM Cloud high-performance global infrastructure.

  • Content Delivery Network: Give your data storage solutions longer reach through seamless integration with our Content Delivery Network — built on IBM Cloud locations and data centers. Avoid bottlenecks and shorten the distance your data has to travel to get to your end-users with  24 geographically diverse nodes and pay-as-you-go bandwidth.
  • Load Balancer: Get your very own data traffic cop to distribute all traffic loads so no single device gets overwhelmed. Choose local, global, or high availability options suited to your specific workload. Activate, change, or deactivate your load balancing features on demand—at any time.
  • Appliances: Save the hassle of provisioning multiple hardware solutions to serve as routers, firewalls and load balancers. Deploy Citrix NetScaler or Vyatta Gateway Appliances, and quickly set and tweak complex network settings in an easy-to-use interface. Reduce your touchpoints quickly and easily with an all-in-one network appliance.
  • Direct Link: Save on data transfers, protect your network path and move data to and from your on-premises center faster with private point-to-point connections. All traffic across Direct Link and between your servers does not touch the public network or interfere with your public network traffic.
  • Domain Name Service: Let IBM handle your domain registration services, complete with dedicated support staff and customer service. Get easy-to-comprehend monthly summaries of account activity.
  • Network Security:Provide your business increased control over your cloud infrastructure, while helping to protect your servers and network.
  • IBM Cloud Internet Services: A one-stop shop for security and performance capabilities designed to protect public-facing web content and applications before they reach the cloud.
  • IBM Cloud Network as a Service: Maximize network performance and secure your data to the core with cloud-native services for your mission-critical workloads.

Every IBM Cloud service is designed, developed and managed according to IBM’s own strict security policies and implementation guidelines, and provided to you under the binding commitments of the IBM Data Security and Privacy Principles.

Build security into your apps by leveraging these solutions:


Don’t get lost in the clouds. Manage your multi-cloud environment better through automation and cognitive insights.

Monitor, manage and optimize workloads across your multi-cloud environment — powered by Watson.

  • Schematics: Use Infrastructure as Code to automate the creation, discovery and use of cloud resources.
  • Availability Monitoring: Run synthetic tests to detect and fix performance issues before they impact users.
  • Cloud Automation Manager: Allows IT operations to deploy, automate and manage multi-cloud environments.
  • Cloud Event Management: Operational event and incident correlation, prioritization and resolution.
  • Workload Scheduler: Beyond Cron, create workflows that run at specific times or on a regular or event basis.
  • DevOps Insights: Data for improving developer productivity, code quality and delivery cycle times.
  • Log Analysis: Log collection and search that automatically collects application and services data.
  • Monitoring: Automatically collect data from apps and services and visualize data in Grafana.
  • Business Rules: Automate and manage business logic and decisions outside of applications.
  • Product Insights: Delivers enhanced views of how IBM Software is being used across the organization.

Stay ahead of rapid storage growth driven by new data sources and evolving technologies with the IBM Cloud Storage family — a flexible storage approach.

Leverage these storage solutions in the cloud:

  • Object storage: Organize, store, manage and access a diverse array of objects —with a highly scalable and geographically-dispersed storage solution based on OpenStack Swift or S3-compatible interfaces.
  • Block storage: Customize the storage environment to suit your workloads. Choose Endurance block storage with snapshot and replication capabilities or Performance block storage with up to 6,000 allocated IOPS per volume.
  • File storage: Upgrade your file storage with a high-performance, feature-rich, NFS-based solution.
  • Mass storage servers: Build your own SAN or NAS to preserve large volumes of persistent data while retaining total control. Deploy an OS NEXUS QuantaStor turnkey solution, or customize high-capacity bare metal servers to fit your requirements.
  • Content delivery network: Distribute your content from 24 geographically-diverse nodes to provide an exceptional, responsive end-user experience.


General IBM Cloud


IBM Cloud Offer for Small Businesses

Cloud based DR site for your on premise VMware production site in IBM Cloud

DR Server Specs:

Get a cloud based DR site for your on premise VMWare production in IBM cloud:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 (3.8GHz, 4Cores)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 3X600GB 15 K SAS HDD
  • 1.2 TB Usable Capacity post Raid5
  • VMWare

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