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April 14, 2020

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What is the New Evolution of Microsoft 365 Commerce Application?

New Customer Experience:

  • Product search supporting autosuggestion, paging, faceted filtering and sorting, removing stop words, smart sorting and search relevance
  • Customer accounts using native logins and order history lookup
  • Support for all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pa
  • Integrated with Microsoft Fraud Protection
  • Support for Adyen payment gateway out of the box and 3rd party payment gateway
  • Customers can ship to address, BOPIS, BORIS and create split orders and shipping to multiple addresses
  • Native loyalty programs, loyalty cards, card adjustments and card conflict resolution
  • Support for wish lists
  • Support for coupon codes and discounts
  • Native ratings and review service with content moderation, spam and fraud detection and voting
  • Adaptive responsive pages that scale for device and screen type
  • Mobile optimized responsive web storefront

Merchandizing Experience:

  • Product variants, kits and service items
  • Configurable product attributes
  • Category and assortment management
  • Multiple inventory valuation methods
  • Flexible pricing with date-effective prices, category-based prices, discounts (quantity, percentage, threshold and mixand-match discounts) and shipping- based promotions
  • Centralized, currency, exchange-rate, tax and price management
  • Native recommendation service using AI algorithms to deliver top, frequently bought together, people also bought and personalized product recommendations

 Online Channel Extensibility

  • Online SDK
    • The online SDK lets developers create and customize e-Commerce modules, data actions, and themes
  • Store starter kit
    • The SSK contains production-ready components, modules, data actions, and themes that work with preconfigured authoring templates and pages. A developer can use the online SDK to customize each module and theme as required.
  • Command-line interface tools
    • Command-line interface (CLI) tools are provided as part of the online SDK. These tools help you create new modules, data actions, and themes. There is also a CLI tool that you can use to package all the configurations for your site into a single configuration file. You can then upload this file to your production or test site by using Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).

What is Starter Kit ?

A collection of modules that can be used to build an e-Commerce website.

Modules have both user interface (UI) aspects and functional behavior aspects

  • Container module – acts as a host for other modules, controls the layout of the modules that are inside it
  • Marketing module – includes hero, feature, content placement, content rich block, video player, and carousel modules. All these can be used to showcase content, can be put on any page, driven by data from the content management system (CMS)
  • Header and footer modules – appear in the header and footer of all site pages, can be configured as required through properties
  • Search modules – Products can be discovered by using the search module in the header, refiner modules can be used to further filter results on search results and category pages
  • Product details page modules – use several modules to show product information. The buy box module – view products and add them to the cart, tech specs module – show the product details, ratings and reviews module – view and provide reviews
  • Buy online pick up in store module – integrated with Bing Maps, used to find nearby stores for products pick up
  • Purchase modules – include the cart module, checkout module (shipping address, delivery options, gift card, loyalty program, and credit card information), the order confirmation module (confirmation details)
  • Account management modules – sign-in to an existing account or create a new account. After creation, the order history and order details modules can be used to view recent orders details
  • Recommendations module – product placement module – supports algorithmic and editorial lists to be showcased on any page

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