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February 22, 2021

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Business Central will be available starting July in the below countries:

  1. Lebanon
  2. Greece
  3. Turkey
  4. Algeria
  5. Egypt
  6. Malta
  7. Morocco
  8. Qatar
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. Tunisia
  11. India
  12. Romania
  13. Bangladesh
  14. Kenya
  15. Sri Lanka
  16. Nigeria

Business value

There is a large demand for Dynamics 365 Business Central online. Microsoft is increasing the global availability to cover more countries and regions so that small and midsized businesses across the world can achieve more.


Feature details

Expansion to new countries regions is achieved through partner-led localization. Our partners create the relevant localization apps that are then published to AppSource. In combination with the built-in language offerings, Dynamics 365 Business Central is then available to serve customers in the new regions.


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