Simplified disaster recovery for VMware machines using Azure Site Recovery

Microsoft officially announced the public preview to a simpler and more reliable way to protect your VMware virtual machines.

To tackle the changing needs of the customers, they have performed a major overhaul of the hybrid disaster recovery and added necessary enhancements along with highly requested simplifications. They have implemented a new architecture with which, the configuration server has now been revamped as the ASR replication appliance.

Automatic upgrades for ASR replication appliance and Mobility agent

A big deal-breaker with the current architecture was manually updating various configuration server components and mobility services. – as soon as an update arrives, both the appliance and mobility service will be updated automatically and that too out of business hours.


Additionally, for automatic upgrades, machine credentials will not be required anymore. Currently, it is necessary to have the latest credentials for both Linux and Windows machines for a successful update. But with this preview, the credentials will be required only initially and will not be required once the installation is complete. After the installation of the mobility service, credentials can be removed for all the machines.


Easier scale management

The appliance is now a single unit of management and all its components have been converted into micro-services which are hosted on Azure. This will not only make the troubleshooting much easier, but scale management also becomes much smoother. To scale out an appliance, you will just need to set up another appliance and voila, it is done! No need to set up another Process server anymore.


High availability for appliance

Appliance resiliency has also been a highly asked about topic and we have that covered too. Customers are usually afraid of an appliance burndown. There are also scenarios where one may need to load balance an appliance and move a protected machine to another appliance, without disabling replication.


With the preview, you don’t need to take regular backups of your appliance anymore – just spin up another appliance and switch all your machines to the new appliance. All the configuration details particular to a protected machine will be switched to the new appliance without needing to go through the complete replication again.


Apart from the above-mentioned improvements, they have also removed –

  • passphrase dependency – implemented a new certificate-based authentication,
  • static IP address dependency – will rather use FQDNs to maintain connectivity,
  • third party product dependency – MySQL installation on the appliance will not be required anymore.

 Learn more about the preview architecture and check out the release notes for a detailed list of improvements.

DoubleTake | Lower the workload risk of your customers

cloud-disaster-recoveryWhen it comes to cloud services, every survey on the subject reports that cloud adoption is growing and will keep growing. The majority of organizations already have breakout budgets for cloud, and even those are expected to grow. The few organizations that haven’t adopted cloud yet? Experts say just wait, they will.

Obviously, the cloud is great for business. Cost savings, better performance and simplified operations… what’s not to like? The data loss and downtime that traditionally come with migrations and the risk that comes with having all customer’s eggs in one virtual basket. In order truly make cloud services an asset and not a liability, Partners will have to protect customer’s virtual workloads running in the cloud. Otherwise, customers are at extreme risk for losing time, money and data in an outage or emergency. What’s more, if customers are backing up virtual and Cloud servers to physical servers, they have then failed to remove the risks inherent to physical servers.

Whether customers have already adopted cloud and virtual servers, or they are planning to in the near future, they should keep in mind that in order to have a solid business continuity plan, partners will have to provide them with an HA/DR solution that is created specifically for Cloud and virtual servers. Double Take software replicates workloads in real time and are hardware, software, platform, OS and storage agnostic. Plus, it’s affordable and easy to use. Double Take software moves workloads on virtual and Cloud servers to and from any combination of physical, virtual or Cloud servers in real time. That means customers can have any infrastructure they want, now or in the future, and they will still have a reliable means of keeping customer’s business running no matter what.

Cloud and virtual technology is a great investment, but don’t risk customer’s ROI by overlooking purpose-built HA/DR software, or by overestimating the old technology you already have. Real-time replication software protects everything on customer’s servers – up to the second – so all of customer’s IT investments and assets are always safe.