Partner Training & Development

BPS provides training services and knowledge development solutions to help our channel partners build and support their cloud platform. We deliver trainings to support the transformations to the cloud and to enable our partners differentiate themselves based on their points of strength and be able to control their new business trends. Our programs are designed for professionals who need to build, service and support multitenant platforms and applications.

Our trainings offer the most relevant and focused content delivered by our expert instructors and these trainings include:

  • Core IT platform training including – Virtualization | Operating System | Management | Identity
  • Platform Administration
  • Control Panel & Automation
  • Multi—Tenant application install & configuration including – Exchange | Sharepoint | Lync | CRM | Project
  • Backup solution Install & Configuration
  • Server Security solutions Install & Configuration
  • Partner Training & Development Services
  • Program on-boarding and enablement
  • Program Licensing trainings


Our experienced trainers are here to provide you and your clients with a proactive trainings which will keep you covered and help you sell your solutions with ease.

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