Software Asset Management

Software licenses are assets and investments and should be managed as such.  SAM helps your organization to control costs and optimize these investments as your organization evolves

SAM Baseline Review will provide your business with a complete view of your current Microsoft product deployments and licensing position. As a result of the engagement, you will learn about opportunities for improvement in areas like procurement, license optimization and management. You’ll learn how to improve internal processes to lower costs, reduce risk, and improve productivity

SAM Infrastructure Optimization engagement will help you to  select and prioritize your current server workloads and applications to transition to the Cloud while providing insights on the business, costs, and technology benefits. The analysis serves as the basis for an evaluation of your overall infrastructure in relation to your on-premises and Cloud strategy, helping you to optimize your current application

SAM Cloud Productivity engagement will help you in migrating or implementing a Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy. This engagement simplifies Cloud adoption and reduces risk by offering you a comprehensive analysis of your desktops and end user productivity tools to prepare your environment for the Cloud

SAM Server Optimization engagement provides you with an end-to-end analysis and mapping of your server environment taking into consideration your plans, current deployment, usage, and licensing data. The analysis serves as the basis for the evaluation of your overall server state in relation to your server strategy, helping  you to optimize your current server workloads and applications