SAM Advisory Services

BPS expertise covers:

1- SAM Server Optimization Engagement

Do you want to lower your organization cost and improve your business continuity? Are you interested to identify the areas you can optimize, determine the right policies to put in place, provide recommendations for optimal license management and get a roadmap to achieve your long-term goals? Are you trying to optimize the underutilized SQL Servers by consolidating the SQL deployments or by isolating production versus development environments to manage and monitor deployments efficiently? Are you concerned about the outdated SQL Servers that no longer receive security patches that could put your environment at cyber-attacks risks, or in some cases being out of regulatory compliance?

Participating in a SAM Server optimization engagement will provide your business with the following:

  • Increase the business value virtualization can provide.
  • Strategically plan for virtual implementations.
  • Maintain control of your existing virtual environment.
  • Implement policies around virtualization management to help mitigate risk.
  • Increased security through further server consolidation.
  • A long-term roadmap to manage the expected changes in your data management needs
  • Gain cost savings by identifying SQL Workloads that can be optimized & leverage the low cost benefits of virtualized environment
  • Expert guidance on SQL deployment planning, execution, and management
  • Strategically plan for virtual implementations and control of your existing virtual environment.
  • Leverage the low cost benefits of virtualized environments.

2- SAM Infrastructure Optimization Engagement

Are you looking for a flexible solution that accommodate your business with growing or fluctuating bandwidth demands? Are you interested to cut out the high cost of hardware and pay as you go instead? Are you looking for a better management of your data and a greater security by storing data in the cloud? Do you think you are able to make the right strategic decisions to achieve your long-term goal?
Infrastructure Optimization SAM engagement will support your business as you consider moving part or your entire infrastructure to a cloud environment to assess your cloud readiness and establish critical SAM policies and procedures to manage cloud, hybrid and on-premises investments effectively.

Participating in a Infrastructure Optimization SAM engagement will provide your business with the following:

  • A clear picture of what is ready to migrate to the cloud and what will need to wait.
  • A long-term cloud migration roadmap that helps to define your migration goals and plan.
  • Expert guidance on deployment planning and execution.
  • Advice on the best licensing structure and whether licensing gaps can be resolved in the cloud.
  • Recommendations for cloud policy and procedure improvements

3- SAM Cloud Productivity Engagement

Do you want to identify which licenses and software installations are eligible to move to the Cloud? Are you willing to develop a strategic plan for moving applications and services to the Cloud? Do you want to ensure that the right policies and procedures are put in place to effectively manage the Cloud implementation and minimize risk?

Participating in a SAM Cloud Productivity Engagement will provide your business with the following:

  • Provides a clear prioritization of what is ready to migrate today
  • Identifies how Cloud-based scalability can increase organizational agility
  • Enhances cost management through pay-per-use subscription models
  • Provides insights on costs and technology benefits of moving to the Cloud

Soon we will be covering  Non-production Environments, Mobile Device Management  & Cybersecurity SAM engagements.

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