Leverage the Power of XenStack: The ideal Reseller Solution for start-ups and existing businesses

Date and Time

6 Mar 2017
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, UAE Time



Event Description

Are you seeing your customers spending on cloud hosting and want a slice of the market? Start selling cloud computing within weeks with no investment. Join our Webinar that will introduce you to the XenStack platform and that will cover the following subjects:


  • The cloud business opportunity
    The fundamental shift in computing that can unlock business for you.
  • Capture your share of the growing cloud computing market
    The principles of the XenStack wholesale and white label cloud platform.
  • No investment, pay as you sell
    Get started on XenStack with no upfront investment and a free trial.
  • Platform walkthrough
    A detailed walkthrough of all the features of XenStack.
  • What next?
    Sign up straight away and get your cloud business off the ground.


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