SUSE Linux CSP program

Boost Your Revenue with SUSE in the Cloud

Increase your revenue by selling SUSE products in the cloud

Increase your revenue by selling SUSE products in the cloud

Make both your client’s life and yours easier by being a SUSE Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Increase your revenue by selling products that are state-of-the-art and do not require a lot of technical resources – they are easier to manage and need less maintenance.

When it comes to deploying workloads and moving data to the cloud, enterprises tend to choose a well-established enterprise Linux distribution such as SUSE Linux, an enterprise platform that has been there for more than twenty years and helped thousands of organizations grow. Be a SUSE CSP today!

Sell a Large Suite of SUSE Products

BPS brings you the opportunity to generate higher and more reliable revenue. As a SUSE CSP, you keep customer ownership and benefit from a flexible pricing mechanism. CSPs also have access to the SUSE Public Cloud Service Provider price list and are allowed to resell it in the public cloud. Cloud products include: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Desktop, Server for SAP applications, High Availability Extension, Server for System Z, Manager, and OpenStack Cloud for hosting infrastructures.

Why Become a SUSE in the Cloud Partner?

Generate larger and more consistent revenue streams

Retain customer ownership


Work on a stable and secure platform that does not require a lot of technical resources from the CSP

Enjoy a pay-as-you-go pricing method that is flexible with monthly and quarterly options

Focus on your business and leave the responsibility of creating and maintaining products to SUSE

Benefit from the several support options offered by SUSE to CSPs

Why BPS?

Stay Competitive

Stay step ahead of your competitors with products and services that are up-to-date and accessible to you before anyone else. Contact us today to assist you to start selling SUSE

Dedicated Advisory

Get end-to-end marketing and sales support, project planning, and technical guidance

Sales & Marketing

Enjoy fluid scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing as you build your CSP/MSP business on strategic grounds

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    SUSE Linux CSP partners have the following benefits to offer to their customers:
    • Easy, standard cloud pricing that fits your business model and offers customers the flexibility that they expect from the cloud
    • Proven mission-critical, enterprise Linux platform run by thousands of organizations
    • Capture your customers’ SAP business with the only Linux platform built and optimized for SAP applications
    • Move your customers closer to Zero Downtime with global 24×7 support from SUSE
    • Bring Your Own Subscription plan allows customers to move easily to the cloud
    • Support, software access and training are a few of the many benefits provided by the SUSE PartnerNet program


    The below describes the requirements your organization must meet for the SUSE Linux CSP Program:
    • The Cloud Service Provider (CSP) must enrol in the PartnerNet program
    • CSP must communicate contact people who are responsible for SUSE relationship
    • CSP must submit a tracking report monthly based on his monthly usage