IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud offers the widest array of database options, from relational to NoSQL, while ensuring strong consistency, high integrity, and no delay.

IBM Cloud powers AI-intensive workloads that demand data integrity, low-latency and parallel processing. It also offers a broad range of Watson AI and machine learning APIs to build your own applications.

Security is at the core of IBM Cloud, it is not an afterthought. IBM Cloud secures the movement of data on a network of networks. Public, private, and management traffic travel across separate network interfaces, segregating and securing traffic while streamlining management. IBM Cloud meets data sovereignty and compliance regulations with nearly 60 locally owned and operated data centers in 19 countries—more than any other cloud provider.

IBM Cloud Benefits


IBM Cloud compute services flexibly drives the end user experiences that you and your customers want


IBM Cloud offers networking solutions for the real world – exclusively designed to enhance your traffic, satisfy your users and protect your sanity


Whether looking for stand-alone or secondary storage for a server, an out-of-the-box storage solution or the components to create your own storage solution, IBM has the cloud storage resources you need


Solutions lets you deploy a comprehensive portfolio of automated and on-demand services for VMware workloads to the cloud, faster than ever before

IBM Cloud Offer for Small Businesses

Cloud based DR site for your on premise VMware production site in IBM Cloud

DR Server Specs:

Get a cloud based DR site for your on premise VMWare production in IBM cloud:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1270v6 (3.8GHz, 4Cores)
  • 16GB RAM
  • 3X600GB 15 K SAS HDD
  • 1.2 TB Usable Capacity post Raid5
  • VMWare

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