Carbonite DTMU Program

Offer High Uptime, Reliable Backup, and Monthly Pricing with Double Take HA/DR-as-a-Service

Are your clients using a dependable HA/DR solution, created specifically for the Cloud? High Availability and Disaster Recovery are the key benefits of Cloud Services, but outdated HA/DR solutions can put companies at extreme risk.

The Problem with Existing HA/DR Solutions

The available HA/DR solutions are heavy on resources, difficult to implement, and rely on primitive technology. They expose the user to data loss, slow speeds,, high downtime, and hefty upfront investments in licensing and infrastructure. But your clients need a solution that comes with perpetual uptime, dependable backup and disaster recovery, automatic activation, easy management, and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Sell Tomorrow’s HA/DR Protection Today

Just when the market is ripe for the taking, BPS brings you Double Take, the DRaaS designed for the Cloud age.


Near-Zero Downtime at Zero Capex

Double Take Cloud Protection and Recovery provides low-risk, near-zero downtime DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for organizations of all sizes. Its usage-based pricing and compliance with SLAs and RPO/RTO guidelines make it just the solution the market needs today


Next Generation HA/DR Technology

Double Take software moves workloads to and from any combination of physical, virtual or Cloud servers in real time. That means providers can have any infrastructure they want and still have a reliable means of keeping customer’s business running, no matter what


Simple, Dependable, Measurable

With the infrastructure agnostic Double Take solutions, providers can offer customers cutting-edge High Availability and Disaster Recovery and benefit from automated activation, usage metering and usage reporting

Why BPS?

Stay Competitive

Stay step ahead of your competitors with products and services that are up-to-date and accessible to you before anyone else

Dedicated Advisory

Get a full technical support, service-provider support, and project planning advice

Sales & Marketing

Get more business, retain more customers, and overtake your competitors by selling the best HA/DR Solution available today

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Double Take Metered Usage Advantages
  • Designed to save your time and money
    1. No Upfront Cost
    2. Activation Code Provided up Front
    3. Easier Code Management
    4. Activation is eliminated
    5. Usage is automatically reported
  • Per connection/job vs. Per Server, that is easier to relay cost back to the customer
    1. No Upfront Cost
    2. Activation Code Provided up Front
  • Enhanced Security
  • Simplified Licensing Scheme


This section describes the requirements your organization must meet for the Double Take metered usage:
  • Contact your Partner Account Manager who will guide you to the relevant sign up link
  • Comply with the Double Take metered usage agreement
  • Provide reporting on Double Take metered usage licenses. You must also report on all licenses that you made available to your end customers.
  • BPS invoices you based on the usage. You are responsible for submitting your payment to BPS by the agreed date.
  • Abide by copyright guidelines, the use of trademarks, and antipiracy obligations.
  • Provide technical support. You are responsible for providing technical product support for the Double Take Products you deliver to your customers.
  • Comply with the export requirements. You need to comply with all applicable export laws, and it is recommended that you obtain legal advice regarding the export laws applicable to your business.